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Yard Sign Drives

Once you signed up on the sign-up genius page, read the yard sign drive guide, pick your area on the map (check if it’s not taken yet), complete the yard sign drive status sheet and complete the drive at the date you scheduled. once your drive is complete, please update the sheet to ‘completed’ status. For any questions, don’t hesitate to email Karim at

Yard Sign Drive Guide

Map of Areas

Yard Sign Drive Status Sheet – Use this to log your route and status

Tips for Yard Sign drives:

  • Teams of 3 adults are optimal: 2 adults and 2 players: 1 driver, 1 navigator/supervisor, 2 yard planters!
  • Prepare signs (insert metal stances) before or while driving to save time
  • Always try to put a sign where there are other signs – reduces drastically the chances of sign being removed.
  • Put the sign away from road and away from pavement. The further away into lawns, bushes, etc… the less likely cars or pedestrian will remove it
  • Never put the sign in front of another sign. Respect other organizations. Put our sign next to others or slightly behind them on the side.
  • At intersections, pick the best of the 4 corners, the one that most incoming traffic will see best. Put the sign at a 45degree angle so it can be seen by 2 arriving directions.
  • For schools, make sure to put sign at the exit, rather than the entrance. Do not put it on on school ground, it will be systematically removed. Best option is opposite of the exit, or at first stops around the school.
  • Some cities have a no-sign policy – recognize the absence of signs!
  • If you are using a printout, mark where you are actually posting the sign on your printout so we can improve our itineraries

Itineraries for each Area: