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Club Gear

We want our Panthers players and supporters looking their best in official Panthers Gear. Whether it’s on the pitch, at school or at the office, Panthers gear is always in style.


Fan Spirit Gear

We are proud to have a Panthers Fan Spirit Gear store owned by one of our parents. Please check it out for all of your great Panthers merch. If there’s something cool you’d like to see there, please let us know at and we will see what we can do about making it happen.


Player Kits

We strongly encourage the players to come to practice in Panthers gear. Not only do we want to look good, but it’s important that players are dressed in gear that can stand up to the punishment that happens in games/practices. T-shirts don’t survive.

We have chosen not to supply a kit to players each year because we found a lot of families were ending up with a lot of Panthers clothing that never got used.

At the very least, all players will require a pair of shorts and a pair of socks.

Note that for U12 and above we supply special numbered game day jerseys, but you will need shorts and socks. U1o players should have their own Panthers jersey, shorts and socks.

Please make sure to put your name in all gear that comes to the pitch.


We get our player kits from Macron.

Note that macron kits tend to fit a little small so we generally suggest ordering up a size. We do have some samples that we can have you “try out” to see if they will fit. Please reach out to¬†and we can organize getting bringing the samples to practice.


We do have some used gear available. It’s often *really* nice to have a spare jersey or two when it’s been raining and there are three practices a week. Please reach out to and we can organize getting bringing the used gear to practice.