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U10 Panthers


6 – 10 (approx. 1-4th grades). Must be less than 10 years old by Sept 1.

Coaching Focus

The emphasis is on skill development, learning the principles of play and rugby values, and having a lot of fun doing it.

We try and have a very low player to coach ratio (1:5 or better) to help everyone stay focused.

Team Size

We are usually able to field 2 or more teams at about 10 players per team which gives us 7 on the field with 3 subs for games.

Team Composition



Number of Players 7 Per team
Contact None – Touch Rugby
Playing Area Half field or smaller played across the field
Playing Time 2 x 20 minutes


$125 – If you are entitled to free school lunches from your school district, you are entitled to a significant sponsorship from the club – please contact us.


We accept players in 1st and 2nd grades who are older than 6 on Sept. 1st, however, players must have enough maturity and attention-span to participate in 1h30 practices and follow instructions of the coaches. If after a few sessions coaches find that your child has difficulty following practices – which is not unusual at this age – we may reach out to you to discuss postponing their participation to the following year, for their benefit and the benefit of the group.

Only one practice per week is required, second and third optional.