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Panthers U12s did very well, impressing coaches and parents with their individual skills and their ability to execute set pieces with only a few team practices under their belt. For many players this was the first contact game moving up from u10s, and for others, the first Rugby game ever, but the team looked like an experience side, combining intensity and structure! A big thank you to Panthers players who joined Lions to even out the numbers, and who played hard for the other team, in the Rugby tradition.

U14s had a very strong day as well, playing a high-level game for pre-season. All of the hard work at practice over the last 2 months definitely paid off yesterday: the team never lost its structure, executing attack sequences like clockwork, staying well organized in defense, and shutting down attacks with strong tackling and aggressive poaching and counter-rucking.  Congrats to all our new players who rose to the occasion and did very well, as well as to our returning players who did a great job supporting them for their first game. As usual and in Panthers tradition, team solidarity with players constantly supporting each other on the field won the day. A big thank you to the Lions players who joined our team to even out numbers, and who also did very well. I also want to thank our JV team, which did not have a game but helped prepare our U14s for their game last week.

A big thank you to the Lions coaches, and in particular to Eric Fleming for organizing this friendly and hosting us. For those of you who are not yet familiar with our Rugby traditions and wondered why Panthers gathered with the Lions after the games, please read this short blog on our website about Game-Day Rugby Traditions